Team Kennedy


Our Team Consists of only CDPE designee members who combined added experience of more than 20Years in Real Estate Bussiness that goes from building, developing and promoting Real Estate investments.
We are specialized and more focused in the San Antonio Area as well as its surroundings,never the less through our Broker Keller Williams we can represent our clients in any part of the country and Canada….

Promote Real Estate Transactions with the highest level of Honesty, integrity, Transparency, Compliancy, Responsability, service and Fairness, because our greatest compliment is their referral!

Our founders
Ely and David Kennedy founders of Team-Kennedy moved from Mexico nine years ago and have been involved in different areas of Real Estate. They have been assisting many families through the stressfull process of relocating into the USA.
Ther connect these families on a probono assistance with valuable team members in profesional arena of Legal, accounting, taxes, Real Estate administration and insurance counseling among others.